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Senza titolo by martinadamato on Flickr.
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Peterhof Palace
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Lady with Rose Basket - Hermann Schmiechen
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Schloß Augustusburg, Brühl, Germany.

diamond-dance asked:
GORGEOUS blog! It fills me with unending happiness and enchantment! Sigh, how I wish it was still socially acceptable to wear such luxurious gowns.....

Thank you so much for such pleasant compliments my darling!

In my opinion and considering that nowadays everyone just wears what they like, we can totally wear such gowns… the problem is that no one makes such clothes and nowadays wearing those is very difficult (to walk, run, work…) and even if we get one, they must be very expensive!

A pity indeed…


Kirsten Dunst in the title role of Marie Antoinette (2006).
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Munich Residenz , the former Royal Palace of the Bavarian Monarchs of the House of Wittelsbach. Munich, Germany.
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